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    Everyone saves at the co-op, but members earn more!

    Investing in your neighborhood grocery store brings Member Perks, like 1% back on CCM purchases, exclusive discounts and coupons, and more!

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Community Co-op Market

We aren’t just committed to our community - we’re owned by it!

A food co-op is a grocery store owned by your neighbors (and by you, if you choose). Unlike corporate chains,
we’re totally independent and owned by the community members who shop here. 

Here’s how it works: Everyone is welcome to shop, eat and hang out here. And everyone is welcome to join the co-op by making a one-time investment,
and then getting back financial rewards and a vote to choose the board of directors and impact the direction of the business. 

While each food co-op is unique and owned by the community, they’re also part of a network of neighborhood stores across the
country that work together toward the day when everyone has the good, local, healthy food they deserve.


Get Involved

These are a few ways to get involved at Community Co-op Market




We're serious about keeping it local. Shop at CCM for access to local producers. Learn more ▸ Becoming a Community Co-op Market member comes with Member Rewards. Learn more ▸ Members have the right to vote for our co-op’s Board of Directors (or even run). Learn more ▸