The terms of two Board members expire in May 2021 and those seats need to be filled. For this election, only two candidates applied and are appearing on the ballot. Since there are two seats and two nominees, as per the CCM bylaws, votes must be cast to either vote “for” the nominee, or to “withhold” a vote. In such an uncontested election, a nominee will be elected if the number of votes cast “for” the nominee exceeds the number of votes expressly “withheld”. In such an uncontested election, any nominee who does not receive a greater number of “for” than “withhold” votes will not be elected, and the Board seat for which the nominee was nominated will be considered vacant. A vacancy so created may be filled by action of the remaining Directors, by appointing a director, chosen from a slate of potential candidates nominated by the Nominating and Governance Committee, to a term expiring at the next annual meeting of Members.

The deadline for voting is May 15, 2021.

How To Vote

Use the secure link and Voter ID information provided to you via email to vote online.

Didn’t receive your email? Update your email address information with any cashier and ask for a new link to be sent.

Meet The Candidates

Meet Talethia Edwards         Meet Wisnerson Benoit


RSVP here by May 11 for information to join the Quarterly May Meeting.

RSVP here by May 14 for information to join the 2021 Annual Meeting.


Hard copy ballots are available in-store for those without email or computer access. Paper ballots must be placed in the ballot box no later than May 14 at 5pm to be counted. You will need your Voter ID number, which has been randomly assigned. You can find this information in the email sent to you on April 24, or a cashier can retrieve this information for you.

CCM members in good standing, who are listed as the primary membership holder, and have been a CCM member for at least 30 days prior to the election announcement are considered eligible to vote.