Community Co-op Market to Open in Tallahassee, Florida

The organizing Board of Directors of a new retail food cooperative, Community Co-op Market (CCM), today announced its incorporation. Structured as a MN-308B co-op, CCM provides for both consumer members and investor members.

Community Co-op Market’s first retail store will be located in Tallahassee, Fla. CCM is purchasing the assets of former New Leaf Market Co-op, which is ceasing operations on Dec. 31, and reopening the business as Community Co-op Market by Jan. 2, 2020 at the same location. CCM expects to hire former New Leaf Market staff, and it will immediately invest in improvements to the store.

CCM’s charter will give its consumer members two-thirds ownership, board seats and voting rights, with the remaining one-third given to investor members. National Co+op Grocers’ Development Co+operative (NCGDC) is CCM’s sole investor member. Formed in 2008, the NCGDC provides development services to existing and new start-up food co-ops and has supported more than 130 co-op projects since its inception. NCGDC’s investment in Community Co-op Market is consistent with its mission to increase the number of retail food co-op locations in the United States.

“New Leaf Market Co-op served the Tallahassee market for over 40 years,” said Rosemary Mahoney, Board Member, CCM. “We are happy that CCM will maintain a co-op in the area, helping preserve a sustainable food system that includes local jobs, local farmer and food producer partnerships, continued access to natural and organic foods for the community, and robust member and community engagement.”

CCM consumer memberships will be priced at $100, and former New Leaf Market Co-op members will receive a 50% discount.

“While food co-ops are thriving nationwide, like with any retail operation, an individual co-op may face challenges based on its location, competition, financing and other mitigating factors,” said Dave Blackburn, Executive Director, NCGDC. “We are proud that our investment in CCM will help to preserve a food co-op in a vibrant market.”

CCM will operate a full-service natural and organic market. The store will focus on fresh produce, meat, cheese, bakery and prepared foods that appeal to the community’s diverse population. Priority will be given to local produce, meat, dairy and other regionally produced goods, and a wide selection of wellness products will also be provided. The store will provide a warm and welcoming environment in a modern and comfortable space.