Find It At The Co-op

New to the Co-op, Essential Everyday products are great quality and an even better value! Every aisle has new Essential Everyday products to complete your shopping trip while saving you money. 

From the company:

"We know each day is important. Whether it’s a full schedule or taking time to relax, with the convenience and dependability of Essential Everyday®, your to-do list just got easier. No matter what your family needs, you can confidently head down each aisle knowing you can find quality products you’ll love, at prices that fit your life and your budget."

Here are some highlights:

  • Whole, 2%, 1%, Fat Free Milk, 1gal: $3.99
  • Frozen Veggies, 16 oz: $1.99
  • Frozen Fruit 12oz: $3.99–4.49
  • Canned Beans, 14.5-15oz: $0.99–1.39
  • Aluminum Foil: $3.99–9.99
  • 1 gal and 1 qt Freezer Bags, 19–28 ct: $1.99–3.49

…and so much more!

From brown sugar to bag clips find new deals (and some new products) on our shelves!