A Whole New Store!


A new fantastic...cooler, to start. It’s hardly even noticeable, you probably won’t even see the brand new 36-foot long wet rack in our Produce section. Yeah, it actually is kind of massive. And tall too! We literally had to remove a counter to make room for it. All the better to pack it out with the freshest natural, organic, and locally sourced fruits and vegetables that we can get our hands on. This new cooler is not only really pretty to look at (it’s still got that new cooler shine) it’s way more energy efficient than the old case, and much easier to access overall. Products are much more visible, and since it’s shallower you won’t have to reach as far to grab your picks. We have so much more space for fresh produce now!

What else do we have in store for you? More new coolers, of course. We’re so excited to have new equipment to showcase our products. Not only will it make shopping easier, they’ll make stocking and inventory faster and reduce down times and damaged products due to equipment failures. You can expect to see a facelift in our Refrigerated, Dairy, and Meat and Seafood sections (with doors!). We will also have some additional bunker-style coolers coming to our Deli section (for gourmet cheeses) and also in Produce.

There are so many other things coming down the pipeline: new floors, wall treatments, and the Deli will get a major overhaul. We’ll keep you in the loop as more changes happen. Stay tuned here and on Facebook and Instagram for up-to-minute updates as they happen.