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Change for the Community: Marsha P. Johnson Institute

July 10, 2020

Last month we pledged to refocus our Change for the Community donation efforts by committing to aiding more organizations who support racial justice and equality.

Leon County Says Cover All The Faces

June 19, 2020

As of Thursday, June 25 Leon County requires face coverings for everyone. County Commission Chairman Bryan Desloge says, “If it’s under a roof, you’re wearing a mask.” 

Community Change In The Time Of COVID

June 12, 2020

Homelessness in the age of Coronavirus brings a unique set of difficulties, above and beyond the overwhelming challenges that one typically faces without shelter. Research suggests up to 40% of homeless individuals could contract COVID-19 with 10% of those individuals needing hospitalization. Without access to health care, and often residing in groups, the homeless population of the Big Bend are acutely vulnerable. Not only is this community particularly exposed to COVID-19, they are often looked down on, seen as less worthy or lazy, because they simply cannot make ends meet.

CCM's Statement on the Murder of George Floyd and Racial Equality

June 05, 2020

CCM’s Mission is to exist to improve the health and wellness of the communities it serves through its retail food stores. CCM operates as a cooperative owned by its members and is dedicated to improving the quality of life for its staff, customers, suppliers and neighbors. To us this means more than selling groceries. It also means enriching the lives of the people in our area, through supporting other local businesses and non-profit organizations, building local commerce and providing for countless residents.