Staff Appreciation

We’re regularly recognizing an outstanding one in a melon employee! Staff nominate their peers based on exceptional customer service and an eager can-do attitude. To say “thanks a melon!” winners will receive a cash reward for their sweet attitude. 

February 2021 – Misty


Congratulations to our newest One in a Melon Award winner, Misty! Misty was nominated by multiple co-workers who describe her as performance as "phenomenal". Misty has recently taken on buying duties in the grocery department, in addition to keeping her section beautifully stocked and fronted. She happily takes care of tasks like recycling cardboard, assists at the register by ringing up customers and bagging groceries. Her co-workers say that she is a pleasure to work with, has tremendous pride in her job and is a huge contributor to the success of the co-op. We are proud to call Misty our co-worker!

January 2021 – Keisha


We are happy to announce that Kiesha is the current winner of the One in a Melon award. Kiesha was nominated by multiple co-workers who stated that she was deserving of the award because she consistently cares about the co-op’s success, includes others in decision-making that affect their jobs, and has the ability to work in multiple departments. Her personal and professional growth were also mentioned as reasons why Kiesha should receive the coveted award. Congratulations Kiesha!

December 2020 – Travis


This month we are excited to award the One in a Melon to Travis Butts. Travis was nominated by his co-workers to recognize his reliability, great customer service and his willingness to help whenever he is asked. Travis can be counted on to show up for every scheduled shift and will always be of help to whoever needs it. Customers love Travis for his pleasant, easy-going attitude. He has received multiple NCG Customer Service Survey shout outs from customers who have been lucky enough to have him as their cashier. In his off time, Travis is an accomplished musician who loves his cats and watching movies. Community Co-op Market is pleased to present the One in a Melon to a very deserving Travis!

November 2020 – Greg


Greg was nominated for his work in the meat department - he has brought the department to a new level, bringing in lots of new items and ensuring fantastic quality and great prices. Customers are thrilled! Greg has received multiple positive customer comments relating to the department and his willingness to deliver great customer service. Greg is appreciated for his calm demeanor, his consistent ability to find the humor in any situation and his positive and upbeat attitude. Community Co-op Market is so lucky to have him!

September 2020 – Caleb


“I know I’ll have a fun and productive shift when I work with Caleb. He volunteers to cover extra shifts and is truly a valuable employee of the co-op.” 

– Madelon, Front End Manager + Membership Coordinator

August 2020 – Michael


Several staff members nominated Michael for the prestigious one in a melon award for a number of reasons: Michael’s willingness to help out wherever they’re needed, volunteering for new tasks that make the store and your shopping experience better, and because Michael is truly one of the good ones. 

Michael’s advice? “Be more than what is presented, and love. Love with everything you have and be more.”

June 2020 – Jason

Our inaugural melon!


“Jason gets along well with staff and customers alike. He remembers customers favorites and lets them know when they‘re back in stock or on sale. He is truly an asset to the co-op”


– Billy, Grocery Manager


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