Talethia Edwards

Why are you interested in running for this board?
I am interested in running for the board because I believe I have value to add to the co-op in terms of perspective and voice. I believe my service would be in the interest of the community that the co-op is seeking to engage.


Briefly summarize what professional, leadership, and/or volunteer experience uniquely qualifies you to serve on the board.
I am an experienced board member and serve in several capacities on the various boards I represent. I am currently the Founder and President of the Greater Bond Neighborhood Association, through which I have been able to create a comprehensive plan and obtain a $6.4M investment to be used to revitalize an under-served area. I also serve as the Chair of the Title I Advisory Council in Leon County and the Chair of the Leon County CDBG Taskforce. I serve as an advocate and coalition builder in Tallahassee, and I champion the things I believe in.


In your opinion, what is the role of the co-op in the community?
The role of the co-op is to provide quality, organic foods to the community while engaging the whole community to participate in the co-op as members or consumers.


What is your vision for Community Co-op Market’s future?
My vision for the co-op is that all residents of Tallahassee would feel welcome to visit, shop and support the co-op, and that individuals living in under-served areas of town would feel like this place is as much for them as those living in other parts of town.


The co-op is currently facing many new challenges due to the pandemic and an ever-increasingly competitive grocery industry. What opportunities do you see for innovation and growth for the co-op to overcome these and other challenges?
The board serves as oversight for the operations of the co-op. We trust and work closely with the staff to ensure that they are proposing solutions and options for the board to consider which will help those on the front line and those affected by this pandemic directly. As a team we then work on making the best decisions that would result in innovation and growth.