Community Advocacy and Donations

As a cooperative, one of our core principles is Concern for Community. Because of this, Community Co-op Market is dedicated to enriching the lives of the people in our area, through supporting other local businesses and non-profit organizations. 

Community Advocacy and Donations Policy 

Community Co-op Market will advocate for and consider requests for donations from organizations with the following attributes: 

  • Secular non-profit charities 
  • Working to improve the health and wellness of our community by:
    • Improving food access
    • Reducing hunger and increasing food security 
    • Improving nutrition and community health 
    • Growing the local food system 
    • Supporting local conservation of natural resources 
    • Strengthening a local inclusive economy, including improvements to racial equity 

Community Co-op Market will not consider donations for: 

  • Political candidates or organizations 
  • Religious organizations 
  • Private clubs 
  • Sporting events or teams 
  • Sponsorship of individuals 

Donations may only be used to fund efforts or issues within a CCM community. 

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Change for the Community Register Round-up

Help support non-profit organizations by contributing to Change for the Community Register Round-ups! Every time you check-out at CCM, you can round your transaction total up to the nearest dollar amount. The difference goes into a collective Change for the Community fund. Each month we'll select a different 501c3 organization as the recipient of those funds (every single penny goes straight to the non-profit organization chosen for that month). It's that simple. We'll let you know who the recipient is each month, so you can decide if and when you'd like to contribute. Your pocket change can make a big impact when it's combined with your neighbors. 

We need your help! Let us know which local 501c3 organizations we should consider for future drives, and our staff will vote to select a new recipient each month. 

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Please supply in as much information as you are able.

Our current Change for the Community recipient:

JULY: Capital City Youth Services

CCYS provides Guidance, Shelter, and Support to youth and families in the Big Bend area. When youth or families have a problem, they work to understand their needs and develop a plan to help them. They are committed to serving families, and strive to work with youth and families to help get things back on track. 

They provide a short term crisis shelter to 10-17 year olds, and counseling to families in crisis with youth 6 to 17 years of age. Their service area includes Leon, Gadsden, Wakulla, Liberty, Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, Taylor counties in N. Florida.



August: REfire Culinary

re· fire (v): to start over, remake, correct a mistake

Founded by classically-trained chef Rebecca Kelly-Manders, REfire is a culinary training program for people with felony convictions, providing basic skills training, job experience and job placement support. The curriculum is developed by professional chefs and culinary educators and will prepare graduates to fill a significant talent gap in Tallahassee’s retail food sector. A criminal conviction makes it extremely difficult for ex-felons to get jobs. But without a job, the recidivism rate skyrockets, meaning those ex-felons re-offend and end up back in prison, putting a further burden on the economy and taxpayers. 

In addition to providing critical job skills training, REfire staff and students operate a community-focused catering company that provides quality food products at reduced cost to schools, housing facilities, and elderly meal programs. REfire is supported by local chefs, restaurant owners, lawyers, community organizations, career placement and social service agencies.